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summer date night ideas

21 Insanely Cute and Affordable Summer Date Night Ideas


Looking for creative summer date night ideas to try this summer?

This post has some of the cutest and most affordable summer date night ideas for you to try this summer with your lover. Some of them don’t cost a dime, and others are very reasonable for any budget. The best part about summer is the weather and the freedom in the air. The fact that the sun goes down later, makes the days feel longer and the evenings more enjoyable. I hope you have a great time this summer and enjoy this list of summer date night ideas!

summer date night ideas

Whether you just started dating or have been married a long time, this list is good for any couple who wants to spend quality time together this summer. I hope this list helps the wheels turn in your brain so you can be intentional and creative and do fun things with your partner throughout the summer months. Most of all, I hope you enjoy your time and live your best life.

This post is about summer date night ideas.

Best Summer Date Night Ideas:

1. Have a Picnic by the Water

This really does not need to be complicated. You can make some sandwiches, fruit and chips, and a few drinks. Bring a blanket, a speaker for music, and just go enjoy the peaceful tranquility of being by the water. It could be cute to even bring a small game to play together. If you live by a lake or pond, just pick a day to go by the water and enjoy it with your boo.

2. Watch the Sunset With Food (And Wine)

There’s something so romantic about sunsets. When you add the element of wine with them, it’s the perfect affordable and beautiful date night idea. Whether you live by the beach or not, this is such a cute and simple summer date night idea that you both will love.

3. Have a Bonfire Night

Bonfires are such a big summer thing where I grew up. Fire’s are so comfy and cozy. I highly recommend making a little smores platter like this one and putting on a chill vibes playlist and just chilling by the fire.

4. Bike Ride and Gelato Date

This is so cute and would make such a cute date picture idea too! Find a gelato shop (or an ice cream shop) that’s cute nearby and just ride your bikes along a scenic path and go get some ice cream. Sometimes in life it really is the little things that are the best.

5. Drive-In Movie

My husband, Chris, and I use to love going to the drive-ins when we were dating. It’s such a retro, old-school vibe and so cozy. You can wear a comfy hoodie and pack your favorite snacks and just chill out together and watch a movie.

6. Picnic, Music, and Star Gazing

If you or your boo has a pickup truck, it can be fun to pack a cooler of snacks and park somewhere and just stargaze and listen to music. So cute and romantic.

7. Breakfast in Bed

If you wake up first in the morning, it’s such a cute idea to make your lover breakfast in bed. This obviously can be done any time of the year, but it’s a great way to start a lovely summer day.

8. Have a Dessert Bake-Off

If you’re looking for a summer date night in, then this is a great idea. If you guys like to bake and more importantly, eat baked goods, this is for you. Have a playful bake-off contest. Play some fun music, and enjoy the treats afterward!

9. Have Wine and Watch the Sunset

It’s always easy to just walk somewhere to watch the sunset and split a bottle of wine and just chat about life, dreams, goals, and what you love about each other. Anytime you do these things I always recommend trying to keep the topics of conversation happy and lighthearted. The last thing you’d want to do is spoil a beautiful sunset with a debate.

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10. At-Home Wine Tasting

This is so fun and so cute! You can go to Aldi and get 3 different bottles and a few types of meat and cheeses and just have a fun at-home wine tasting. I recommend doing a little research ahead of time so you can make it effective but overall, just have fun and enjoy yourselves by doing something different and trying new things!

11. At-Home Beer Tasting

If you guys prefer beer over wine, you can do a beer tasting at home as well. You can get pretzels and cheese or make little burger sliders and just have fun with it. Maybe throw on a sports game if you’re both into that.

12. Walk the Botanic Gardens

I personally love walking the botanic gardens with my husband. It’s so beautiful to see the different types of plants and flowers. This is a great summer date night idea to do before or after dinner plans. It’s such a beautiful and scenic place to stroll and talk and take some cute pictures together.

13. Go Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding is one of the more adventurous summer date ideas, but it’s so fun and exciting to do together. Plus, you’ll get a nice tan while you’re at it. Sounds like a win-win to me.

14. Go to a Carnival

So so cute! Play some games, ride the Ferris wheel, and get a funnel cake. You know the drill. Carnivals are a classic, old-school summer date night idea that your parents and grandparents likely did when they were young too. So cute and classic!

15. Camp in the Backyard

This is so different and cute and can be really fun if you make it. I recommend getting fairy lights for an added romantic vibe and put on a cute movie on your laptop or a small tv if you’re that tech-savvy. Maybe bring out some snacks too, just have fun quality time together and enjoy the peace and quiet.

16. Go Tubing in the River

Such a fun summer activity to do together, especially on a sunny, warm day. Going tubing in the water will cool you off and get you a sun tan. Plus it’s a fun, chill thing to do together or with friends or other couples.

17. Go to a Sporting Event

Sporting events are such a cute summer date idea. They make for great memories and photos and the classic stadium food is always a good idea. You can usually find pretty cheap tickets and just make a day out of it.

18. Grill Out and Enjoy the Weather

19. Go Berry Picking

Going to a berry picking farm is such a fun thing to do this summer. It’s so cool to pick the fruit that fresh off the trees. I highly recommend going home and baking something fresh afterward too!

20. Go Roller Blading

Rollerblading is one of the most fun things to do during the summer. It’s so fun to do together and makes for such a cute summer date idea.

21. Throw it Back

If you’ve been dating a long time, take it back to the old days. Set up a date of something you use to do when you first started dating, get the same food, play the music you listened to back then, just throw it back to the days when it all began.

I hope you enjoy this list of affordable and cute summer date night ideas and that you try a few and have a great time making memories this summer!

This post is all about summer date night ideas!

21 Insanely Cute and Affordable Summer Date Night Ideas

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