July 6, 2021

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Let’s be honest, we all need to sleep better. There are times when life can get super hectic and stressful that it becomes increasingly difficult to get a goodnight’s rest.

There are many natural ways to improve your sleep and prepare your body for a well-rested snooze. Here are some of the things I’ve found work best!

Try developing a nighttime routine and incorporating some of these best practices to improve your sleep and overall wellness, naturally!

1. Journal it out

Journaling before bed can be extremely helpful if you are someone who thinks of every task in the universe that needs to be accomplished the second your brain hits the pillow. Or perhaps you’re a master over-analyzer like myself. Either way, I’ve found journaling and brain dumping before bed to be extremely beneficial.

The best part?

It’s your journal! Therefore you can write whatever the heck you want, however, the heck much you want, for however the heck long you want. There are no rules with it. You can write a prayer. You can write a letter to yourself. You can just start word vomiting on the paper all of the random thoughts floating in that skull of yours. You can make a to-do list for the next day. Whatever it is, getting it all out of your head and onto paper is very helpful in getting good sleep.

Try keeping a journal and pen next to your bed and just emptying your mind of everything inside of it right before bed. Get it all out of your mind and onto the paper. I think you’ll be surprised at how relieving this practice really is.

2. Pray and meditate

I’ve also found it really helpful to pray before bed because it’s a way to give all your problems to God. Like just surrender your desire to control everything and give it all up to the sky up to God, before you go to bed. This is another great way to just get everything off your plate and into the hands of the all mighty.

Another way I like to get in touch with my more spiritual inner peace is through meditating. Meditating is different than prayer in my opinion. Meditating is literally laying there and letting your thoughts pass through your mind one by one, without attaching to any of them. Like the thought enters your mind, and then you just let it pass. You don’t let it stick. Think of yourself sitting in an all-white room. Kind of like the white room of heaven in Bruce Almighty. As every thought enters the room, you just allow it to enter, and then leave. Naturally. You don’t invite any of the “thoughts” to sit and chat for a while.

This is a lot more difficult than it seems, but doing this over time, will strengthen your skill of being able to simply just be. To sit with your thoughts without judgment or worry. Just observing. It’s also extremely calming before bed, I’ve found.

3. Indulge in some self care

It can be really relaxing and soothing to indulge in some self-care right before bed. Whether that is giving yourself a nice long facial, or treating yourself to a massage, taking a bath, or giving yourself a pedicure. Whatever it is, really intentionally giving yourself the time and attention you deserve can feel really nice, especially right before bed.

You can even go above and beyond once a week or whenever you feel, by creating a spa-like experience with candles, zen music, or ocean waves. And soaking in a bath with special bath salts or oils. Whatever it takes, just giving yourself this quality care will help your muscles to relax and your mind to unwind. Which will definitely aid in getting some good sleep.

4. Have some tea

Chamomile, lavender, honey all of these ingredients in hot water make for a stellar relaxation concoction before bedtime. All are natural and yummy ways to soothe your stomach and digestion along with your muscles and mind. Warm drinks are always so cozy and relaxing, and chamomile helps make you relaxed and tired, while lavender is very soothing. Having tea before bed is a great way to slow down, unwind, and begin the relaxation process.

5. Unplug digitally

There have been countless research studies proving the negative effects of technology before bed. So much science can back up that it actually reduces your chance of having a good night’s sleep or being able to fall asleep because it keeps your monkey mind on and racing.

I highly recommend setting a boundary with yourself to put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” at a certain hour in the evening. That way you don’t get all of the notification sounds or distractions, but if someone needs you in an emergency, they can still reach you. Rather than sitting in bed on your phone before bed, try reading a book, or journaling, or engaging with your partner. Do whatever it takes to relax, unwind and disconnect from technology for the day. It will truly help you sleep much better.

I hope some of these strategies work for you in helping you get more rest and sleep better tonight, in a healthy and natural way!

5 Natural Ways to Sleep Better Tonight


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