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The Insane Impact Your Morning Routine Has on Your Mental Health


I’m going to paint you two different scenarios, both of which to some degree or another I we can all relate to.

Both scenarios entail someone who works a normal 9-5 job. This person is a 25-year-old woman who is married and does not have any kids. Her name is Julia.

Scenario 1

In scenario one, Julia sets her alarm for 7am. As it goes off, she presses snooze two times.

Finally, at 7:20 am, she starts to wake up. She rolls over and grabs her phone.

The first thing she does is open Instagram to check her notifications. She sees that she didn’t receive as many likes on her post the night before as she thought she’d receive. She thought she looked really pretty. In fact, someone even posted a snappy comment on the photo.

Julia feels insecure before her feet even hit the ground. She deletes the picture and gets out of bed.

She feels bad so she skips making the bed and instead goes straight to make coffee. She realizes she’s out of sugar and is upset. She can’t decide what coffee mug to use today because she has 1,000.

Her sink is full of dishes, and her counters are a mess.

She finally makes her unsweet, not very enjoyable cup of coffee, and sits on her couch. She eats a pop tart for breakfast.

She turns on the news and watches the breaking headlines about all of the terrible things going on in the world. By this time, it is 7:45 am.

Julia leaves her coffee on her table in her living room and goes to the bathroom to shower. She takes off her clothes before her shower and looks in the mirror. She spews mean things in her head about how unhappy she is with her body.

She showers and digs through her wrinkly, unfolded laundry basket, and gets dressed for work. She leaves her house at 8:30 am.

She gets stuck in traffic per usual and starts swearing and getting frustrated with the other idiots on the road. By the time Julia gets to work, she feels like crap.

She is cranky, annoyed, groggy, and feels insecure about her looks, not confident about her body, sad about what’s going on in the world, unmotivated to work, and stressed about the mess of a home she has waiting for her when she returns in the evening.

This scenario might be an extreme, but I think in some aspects we can all relate to Julia.

Here’s an alternative scenario…

Scenario 2

Julia works at 9am. She sets her alarm for 6am. She springs out of bed because she knows how bad it is for your self-discipline to press snooze.

Everyday, it gets easier and easier to not press snooze as well. She has limits on her phone so she cannot access any social media before 12pm.

Julia makes her bed, opens her blinds and puts on her exercise clothes first thing. She rinses her face with cold water, and puts on her morning skin serum.

Julia walks into her kitchen, which she tidied up the evening before. She drinks a tall glass of water before her coffee. She pours her favorite cup of coffee, and sits in her favorite chair, next to a vase of fresh flowers she bought herself a few days before.

She leaves her TV off, and journals about her day. In her journal she writes what she’s grateful for, a few notes, some positive affirmations to herself, as well as her plan for the day.

She opens a good book and reads 10 pages. By this time, it’s about 6:45.

She rolls out her yoga mat and does a 20-minute yoga sequence. She then takes her dog for a 20-minute walk outside.

At 7:30, she showers while listening to a happy playlist on her Bluetooth speaker. She has time to pack a healthy lunch, make a breakfast smoothie to drink in the car on the way to work.

She leaves with extra time to make up for any random traffic jams during her morning commute. During her drive, she listens to her favorite, uplifting podcast.

When Julia arrives to work, she feels optimistic, energized, confident and eager to conquer her day.

How crazy are these two different scenarios?

Neither one is that far out of our reach. It’s a fact that we get to choose how we decide to prime ourselves for our day.

If we want to show up as our best selves in our lives, then we need to do the work to nurture ourselves and prepare to do so.

Redesigning Your Morning Routine

When it comes to redesigning your morning routine, it’s important to consider HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

In pretty much everything in life, it’s all about choosing your hard. It’s hard to be fit and healthy, and it’s also hard to be overweight and sick.

It’s hard to wake up early and incorporate a morning routine, and it’s also hard to roll out of bed and go through your day groggy and tired.

It’s hard to meal plan and be organized and it’s also hard to go broke on expensive last minute meals and eating out.

Choose Your Hard

It’s either hard now and easy later or easy now and hard later.

If you choose to have a strong, healthy and productive morning routine, it might be difficult at first, but in the end it will set you up for a much smoother, joyful experience throughout your day.

If you choose to be lazy and sleep in and don’t take the time to set yourself up for success, you’ll have a much harder time enjoying your days.

Ultimately, your morning routine has a very significant effect on your mental health and the way you go through your day and the attitude and mindset you have throughout it.

I hope this post opens your mind about creating healthier habits and considering what you need to do each morning to prime yourself and set yourself up for success and show up each day as the best version of yourself.

The Insane Impact Your Morning Routine Has on Your Mental Health

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