5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious


There are many ways to make your home feel luxurious. Plus, it doesn’t always require you to break the bank. Luxury is truly about the overall experience.

While quality is of high importance when it comes to luxury, so does the overall vibe and atmosphere of a space.

There are countless small touches you can make to your home, to make it feel more elevated and luxurious.

Best Ways to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious:

marble counters with wood board

1. Keep it Clean and Tidy

Keeping things clean and tidy is one of the most important ways to make your home feel luxurious. Trash laying around, dust bunnies rolling by, and spills and messes are about as far from “luxury” as you can get. So is the not-so-obvious cleanliness of home-like dusty shelves, smelly carpets, and dog hair all over the place.

To keep your home spick and span, I highly recommend following a strict cleaning regimen. Keeping up with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning tasks throughout your home, will make your life SO MUCH easier. It’s much more efficient and effective to do a few tasks regularly, spread out throughout your days, rather than have to break your back using elbow grease to scrub months and months of filth.

Save yourself time and sanity by keeping up with a regular cleaning schedule in your home. Plus, if you have multiple people living with you, you can divvy up the chores weekly.

While keeping the home clean is one thing, tidy is another. Clean means without dirt, germs and grime. Tidy is more so without clutter. Keeping surfaces clear, shelves straightened, and main areas de-cluttered will create a much more luxurious feel. I always recommend opting for furniture that hides clutter. For example, a media center with cabinets versus open shelving that displays cable boxes, cords, etc.

The more simple, streamlined, and clutter-free your spaces appear, the more elegant and likely you are to make your home feel luxurious.

A huge source of inspiration that displays this clutter-free concept is Restoration Hardware. RH is the leading luxury furniture gallery in America, and I have yet to meet someone who does not love their brand. All of their designs are very simple, clean, crisp and clutter-free. This really allows you to take in the few select, beautiful pieces of furniture in the room. Rather than having your eye be completely distracted and overwhelmed, being pulled in various directions of all the dang STUFF!

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2. Keep it fresh

There is nothing luxurious about a stinky home.

Going hand in hand with the first point, another key to make your home feel luxurious and elegant is by keeping it fresh. By this, I mean the air and the overall odor and aroma of the space.

No one wants to walk into a cigarette-smelling home or a wet dog-smelling home. Or even worse, a stinky mildew wet sports gear home. LOL.

Now let’s be honest, SOME of these things are inevitable. Kids and dogs are stinky. It is what it is. But there are a few things you can do to try and keep your home smelling fresh and keeping your air circulated. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

  • Keep fresh flowers out in your main living space, replacing them weekly (pro tip: trim a few from your own garden to save money!)
  • Research the best air purifying plants and put them in the main spaces of your home.
  • Use oil diffusers to mist natural fragrance into the air
  • Open up your windows and doors as often as you can. Try turning on the fans when doing so to really get the fresh air circulated throughout your home
  • Shampoo your carpets and upholstery regularly (at least 1-2x per year)
  • Keep your dogs groomed and clean – don’t forget to wash their toys and bed!
  • Simmer natural concoctions on your stove top such as sliced apples and cinnamon sticks (check out Pinterest for more of these recipes!)

All in all, there are many different things you can do to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. I personally am not a huge fan of overkill on artificial fragrance. I prefer more fresh and natural fragrances, not only out of preference but also out of health concern.

Keep in mind that many artificial fragrance wall plug-ins, air fresheners, and candles are highly toxic and carcinogenic and can cause cancer over time. There are many alternatives mentioned above that you can utilize in place of these!

Here are a few of my favorite natural cleaning products to keep the home fresh!

black white kitchen with pendants

3. Invest in good lighting

I cannot emphasize enough, the power of good lighting. Not only is the brightness and hue of the light (kelvin) important, but so is the light fixture itself.

I highly recommend getting rid of your stock lighting, at least for the main spaces in your home, and upgrading to beautiful light fixtures. Now there are amazing light fixtures you can find for truly ANY budget.

You’d be very surprised at the impact a light fixture can have on the entire feeling of a room.

There are different events and situations in your home where you’ll want different lighting to set the mood. For example, if you are having a birthday party for your 4-year-old, you’ll want to open all the blinds, and have as much bright light as possible.

If you are having a couple over for dinner, you may want to have on an elegant chandelier and a fire.

If you are watching a movie on the couch with your partner, you may want all the lights off but a small task lamp or table lamp.

Lighting can totally change the entire look and feel of the room you are in. It has so much impact.

There are many different situations you’ll want to have different lighting for. So when considering a space, really think about all of the different uses and possibilities of that space, and invest in good lighting. I’m also a huge fan of light dimmers because they allow you to use the same light for many different brightness levels and moods. Super convenient.

Here are some amazing, affordable light fixtures that will surely elevate any space to the next level.

textiles flatlay brown white marble

4. Think texture

Luxurious textures – marble, crystal, leather, hide, wood, metallics, glass

Texture can totally elevate any space dramatically. There are many different textures that just scream luxury. Here are a few:

  • Marble
  • Crystal
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Hide
  • Wood
  • Metallics
  • Suede

There are countless more, but these are just a few. There are different ways you can add texture to your home via the walls, furniture, floors, decorative accents, lighting, etc.

Try to think about the space you’re decorating, just how luxurious you want it to feel, and how you can swap some pieces for more luxurious textured accents. You’d be amazed at how big of a difference just a small few touches can actually make.

Here are some small accent pieces to add a luxurious touch to any space or area.

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5. Simplify

As I mentioned previously, when it comes to luxury, less is more. If you’re trying to achieve a more luxurious vibe, you’ll really want to focus on quality over quantity. The more clutter and “stuff” you have everywhere, the less luxurious space will feel. When you have more simple, clean, high-quality pieces and finishes, you will be able to truly embrace and enjoy each of these touches entirely.

Another interesting point on this is the less you own, the less it owns you. This saying couldn’t be more true. It’s especially true when entertaining. If you are entertaining, rather than trying to do SO MUCH, opt for a few simple dishes or touches on entertaining your guests. That way you can actually relax and enjoy the company versus scrambling trying to accomplish all of the million things you are trying to do to impress your guests.

The ultimate luxury is time. The more time and space you have the more luxurious your life will feel. You will feel more calm and relaxed not having so much to do all the time. Simplifying your life might just be the most significant luxury of them all.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

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