Holiday Decor Ideas

Holiday Decor Ideas for the Coziest Home This Season


Looking for the best holiday decor ideas for a warm and cozy home this season? Here’s a round-up of some of the coziest, festive tips to decorate your home for the holidays this year!

Best Holiday Decor Ideas:

holiday decor ideas

Antlers and Pinecones

If you don’t want to overkill on the red and green Christmas decor, try incorporating some antlers and pinecones. These are super wintery, and give a very warm and cozy feel to a home during the holidays and winter season. Usually, any natural elements from that particular season can really add some extra organic feel to your home.

Some other natural winter elements you can bring inside from the outdoors are pine branches, birch, or even faux snow. Whatever you choose, just know that the natural elements, balanced with store-bought decor, really go a long way in making your home feel ultra-cozy and luxurious.

Try to Have a Wrapping Theme

If you’re a family who usually has quite a few gifts wrapped under the tree during the holiday season, you might enjoy having a theme with your wrapping style. Cohesive wrapping just overall looks prettier and more streamlined under the tree. I wouldn’t get too crazy and make this more work for yourself, but simply having 2-3 different colors or wrapping papers that go together is simple enough to do the trick.

Overall, having consistent wrapping paper that ties together is overall more appealing to the eye and will make your tree feel more put together and your home feel more cozy and luxurious.

holiday decor ideas

Simple, Natural Wreaths

Another one of my favorite holiday decor ideas is wreaths. I absolutely love hanging wreaths around my home during the holiday season. They look so pretty on doors, mirrors, and even walls. A tip I have to make your wreaths feel more high end and beautiful in your home this season, is to try to keep them more simple and natural.

Sometimes the ones that are store bought can be well… a bit cheesy. There are definitely many at the store that are not this way, but when you’re shopping just try to be conscious of this. An overwhelming of bows, and red and gold ribbon, glitter and ornaments can be too much.

If you’re able to, getting natural wreaths, or even making just one of the main ones in your home, natural, would be a gorgeous touch. If you’re just going to get one real one and the rest faux, I’d recommend putting the real one on your front door or on an entryway mirror. The best thing about real wreaths is the smell. They are so refreshing and beautiful.

If you do end up getting a real one, be sure to spritz the back of it with water every day or every other day. You’ll also want to try to keep it out of sunlight and far from any heat vents. The better you take care of your real wreath, the more amazing it will smell and vibrant it will look.

holiday decor ideas

Add Some Vintage Charm

A great way to add some character and history to your home during the holiday season is to incorporate some vintage or antique pieces. You can often find really cool pieces at mom and pop vintage home shops, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Keep in mind, to add some vintage appeal to your holiday decor, the pieces don’t need to be festive. For example, you could find a beautiful, old, antique window pane mirror and pair it with a simple, natural wreath and it will work great with your holiday decor.

In the above photo, the vintage clock looks great on the mantle next to the garland and berries. Whatever it is you find, have fun with it and always only get things that bring you joy and that you love!

holiday decor ideas

Simplify With Flameless Candles

One of the best holiday decor ideas is lights, lights, and more lights! The string lights, candles, fireplace, and everything else that lights up, are the best!

One of my favorite pieces for decor is Luminara flameless candles! In our home, we LOVE the amber glow that candles give off. They are so warm and cozy and very hygge.

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These Luminara candles will make your life so much easier. You simply turn them on, use the remote, or set a timer, and they will flicker and look so real and beautiful in your home. The flame flickers back and forth and honestly, looks so freakin real!

The best part is that they will last you forever (you’ll just need to replace the batteries every few months) and you can use them all year long for every season!

These look absolutely stunning inside of lanterns or just on a candle holder.

Here are some of the best, most realistic looking flameless candles you can find:

I hope you loved this post on holiday decor ideas, and that it helps serve as a guide so you can decorate your home this holiday season! Keep in mind, that the coziest homes aren’t about all the glitz and glamour, but rather the hearts of the people inside of them. The more at peace and relaxed you are, the more warm and inviting your home will feel. This is ultimately what the holiday spirit is all about! (Ok, maybe plus just a lil decor to add to the overall vibe!)

Holiday Decor Ideas for the Coziest Home This Season

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