The Coziest Fall Spotify Playlist You’ll Have on Repeat


I’m not sure about you but the thought of a dope fall Spotify playlist at my fingertips gets me all warm and fuzzy. Fall is one of the best, most relaxing, comfy, cozy, and snuggly seasons of them all.

While the music around the holidays, is definitely one of the best vibes that can get you in a great mood, so is the fall time.

Here is a great fall Spotify playlist for you to put on while you go for a walk through the park and look at fall foliage, or while you’re chillin in a cozy sweater, browsing the web, sipping tea, and playing some jams in the background.

Best Fall Spotify Playlist:

Now, this fall Spotify playlist has a pretty wide range of songs and will play for a good three and a half hours. The songs vary from the time frame, genre, and vibe. All in all, though, I think all of the songs are super chill, and great for a crisp fall morning, or for a gloomy fall afternoon.

The artists range from Maroon 5 to Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Greenday, The Fray, Adele, and Bruno Marz. There’s a nice variety and a good mix of diversity for all interests and preferences.

You can download the playlist directly to your Spotify account and listen to these jams throughout September, October, and November. Day after Thanksgiving though, we’re definitely switching it up to Christmas tunes, I mean c’mon how could you not?

Here are some fall activities you can do while listening to this playlist:

  • Deep cleaning your house
  • Driving through woods of fall foliage
  • Snuggled up by a bonfire
  • On a rainy day, while sipping tea
  • Decorating your home for fall
  • Raking the leaves outside and winterizing your home
  • On your next road trip in autumn

I hope this fall Spotify playlist is cozy and relaxing for you and helps keep your seasonal spirits high and enjoy the fall vibes and the cinnamon and pumpkin spice all season long! If you have any great cozy fall song recommendations please leave them below in the comments so we can add them to this playlist!

The Coziest Fall Spotify Playlist You’ll Have on Repeat

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