Welcoming Fall Porch Decor Ideas for Warm and Cozy Houses


We can all use some fresh fall porch decor ideas this fall. I think it’s safe to say, everyone wants a welcoming and inviting home. We all want our guests to feel comfortable and warm when they come to our homes.

A large part of the warm and cozy fall experience begins outside. The curb appeal of a home really does matter. It’s the first impression anyone will have of your home. More importantly, though, it’s an important memory you and your family will have of your home. Think of being on a long vacation, then driving up to your home. The first thing you see is the outside and entrance. Or think about your child coming home from college from winter break. Driving up the road, the exterior of your home is what catches their eye and makes them feel…home!

One of my favorite seasons to decorating the porch is during fall. There’s just something about the colors and decorations that are just so dang warm and cozy.

Here are some great tips and ideas to consider when decorating your porch this fall.

Fall Porch Decor Ideas:

Clean Your Porch

I guess you could call this a fall porch decor idea, well sort of. Before you ever decorate for a new season in any part of your home, you should always thoroughly clean it. Out with the past season’s germs, pollen, dust, and debris, and in with the new shiny decor.

Make sure you declutter your porch, sweep it, wash the windows, pressure wash the floor and siding, touch up any paint or stain, replace light bulbs, and get rid of dead plants. You’ll want to refresh and revive your porch before adding any decorations or new items.

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A Bit About Symmetry

One of the key elements when designing any space in your home really is symmetry or balance. Symmetry is when both sides are exactly the same, and balance is when the visual weight balances each side out.

There’s something about symmetrical exteriors of homes that is extremely appealing to the eye. If you’re driving through a pretty neighborhood, I guarantee your eye is attracted to the homes that display some symmetry, without you even realizing it.

When adding your fall porch decor, try to think of symmetry and balance. Both sides of your porch don’t need to be exactly identical, but you’ll really want to make sure they weigh each other out and there are some elements that are symmetrical to tie it all together.

Lanterns + Lighting

Lighting has such a major impact on decor, whether it be inside or outside of your home. I’ve definitely mentioned this many times on this blog.

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference is made when replacing the outdoor sconces of your home. An easy and simple swap can totally change the look of the exterior of your home, especially by your front door.

Lanterns as the sconces always give a very warm and cozy, cottage vibe. But you can also swap wall lighting for more neutral pieces, and then add lanterns on the floor around your door and up your front steps.

Lanterns are a total fall porch decor staple. There’s something about them that really just feels so comfy and quaint.

There are many different types of outdoor floor lanterns. You’ll definitely want to get varying sizes. The more layered the look, the better. There are ones with solar chargers on them, so they light up via solar energy. You can also get flameless candles to put inside of them and put them on a timer during the evening. If you do some research, you’ll find a ton of different options.

Here are some cute lanterns to update your outdoor lighting this fall:

Flowers + Plants

Flowers and plants make a beautiful statement on any porch. They’re honestly good for all of the seasons as well. A very popular flower during the fall is Mums. They come in fall colors like maroon and gold and totally give off cozy, autumn vibes. They’re easy to take care of and don’t need a whole lot of light. They can also withstand the chillier temperatures.

I recommend trying to incorporate some flowers or plants on your porch as best as you can. If you don’t have a green thumb, research low-maintenance fall plants or flowers like Marigolds or Mexican Sunflowers.

Either way, flowers, and plants are a great fall porch decor idea because they add a natural element and beautiful color to space.

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Layered Mats

The layered outdoor mats trend started a few years ago, and it has STAYED. It’s a super cute way to incorporate some pattern into your fall porch decor setup. Typically during the autumn season, most people layer a plaid mat under their welcome mat which has a cute fall saying like “hello there pumpkin” or something cheesy but cute like that lol.

You can typically find a 2×3 or 3×5 outdoor rug to layer underneath the doormat depending on the size of your porch and door.

Here are some cute welcome mats to layer up this fall:

Pumpkins on Pumpkins

Pumpkins on your front porch are an obvious fall porch decor staple item. There are so many different shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and colors. You can typically find them at a pumpkin patch or nursery near you. Pumpkins are an affordable, festive, and natural way to decorate your front porch this fall.

Just be sure to keep an eye on them as they tend to rot over time and get very smelly. You’ll also want to look out for raccoons or rodents that try to eat them. There’s a possibility you may have to replace a few throughout the fall season, but you might get lucky and not have to. Just be on the lookout, and if it rains or pours, definitely try to dry them off and not let them soak in water or anything.

Landscaping Tips

During the fall, life tends to start getting busy and hectic as the holidays are near and there are so many fun, festive family activities to do during the fall. It’s important to keep your yard manicured and looking nice as it will enhance the overall appeal of your fall porch decor.

Try to keep leaves raked, lawn mowed, plants and flowers watered, bushes trimmed, and the porch swept and walkways clear. Don’t obsess over it, but just being a little intentional will go a lot way and keep your home looking nice. If you need to hire a landscaper during the fall and winter months to keep your landscaping up, by all means, do it. It will save you a ton of sanity and headaches in the long run.

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Welcome Signs

Rustic welcome signs are a fun and cute way to welcome friends and family into your cozy home this fall. You can easily DIY one of these by finding a plank of wood, staining it, and either freehand painting the letters on or purchasing some stencils from Amazon or Hobby Lobby. Be sure to seal your sign with a polyurethane clear coat so you can use it for years down the road as well!

Another hack is to write a fall saying on one side and a winter saying on the other, then when Christmas time comes around, you can keep the sign on the porch and just flip it! Talk about a time, money, and space saver!

I hope you loved these fall porch decor tips, ideas, and inspirational images! Fall is such an exciting time of year, and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones this season!

Welcoming Fall Porch Decor Ideas for Warm and Cozy Houses

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