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Delicious Easter Brunch Menu Ideas That Won’t Take All Day to Make


Looking for easter brunch menu ideas that are easy to make and everyone will love? Here are some tasty, fun, and festive ideas to make your easter brunch amazing!

Between the planning, decor, and food and drinks, planning your Easter brunch menu can get pretty overwhelming. All we all really want anyway is to have a nice day with family, with lots of laughs, good food, good drinks, and good vibes. 

With the intent to reduce stress and help you have the best easter yet, I’ve put together some amazing ideas for you to throw the best easter brunch that the whole family will love and appreciate! 

I’m definitely one who likes to take planning to the next level. I really believe that a well-put-together concept really enhances the overall experience, along with the good people and good vibes. That’s why I’m sharing with you some awesome ideas so you can throw a memorable easter brunch that your whole family will absolutely love! Whether you’re having a tiny gathering or a larger one with extended family and friends, this post is for you.

Best Easter Brunch Menu Ideas:

Table Scape Decor Ideas

Aside from your custom easter brunch menu, the tablescape can also have a big effect on the overall vibe of the day. Fresh flowers and bright and beautiful colors help to elevate people’s moods and create positive energy and freshness in the room. 

It doesn’t hurt to go all out for the holidays. Pull out the porcelain plates, layer up with chargers, heck, use the cloth napkins! 

I personally love getting fresh florals from Trader Joe’s, but you can also always find super realistic faux florals (listed below) to brighten up the space without ever going bad!

You can also always layer some really cute decor with names or a cute message on top of a fabric napkin. In this image, the charger, with the two plates, napkin, next, and egg is literally so many layers (lol). Sometimes the more layers, the more full and beautiful the table setting looks. You can find some super cute mini easter nests for table settings here

Again, here we are with the fresh florals and chargers and napkins. It really just makes the whole look. This tablescape has beautiful neutral colors with pops of easter pastels – pinks, yellows, whites. The bunnies are also obviously super festive. Have fun with your tablescape, it’s a special day. JESUS IS RISEN! Celebrate it and don’t be afraid to go all out and have a little fun! Here are some super cute ceramic bunnies!

Drinks and Apps

Is it really easter if you don’t have mimosas? This is one of the best easter brunch menu ideas because there is so much you can do with a mimosa!

My mom and I have made these little deviled egg chicks a few times and they are always such a big hit! Probably because they’re so stinking cute! You basically make them like regular deviled eggs, but we used black olives for the eyes and carrots for the nose/beak. Deviled eggs are pretty much an Easter staple, so you might as well make em festive!

These croissants are the CUTEST! And I feel they would be super easy to make because you just have to roll the croissants in the shape of a carrot. You can also stuff them with pretty much anything you want, but definitely check out this pin for a fire and super festive and cute recipe!

These little toasts with strawberries, basil, and balsamic look absolutely to die for! They might not be super festive, but boy do they look DELICIOUS! I guarantee these fresh and tasty bites will be a major hit on your Easter brunch menu! 

You really can never go wrong with a bright and beautiful grazing board, for any holiday really. You can make it more festive by adding a little bunny, eggs, or fresh flowers scattered throughout to really add some pizazz to the overall look. This is also a great time to add some of those super cute carrots with the leaves still on them. If you’re into charcuterie and grazing boards, def check out That Charcuterie Chick – She is so talented, I love what she does!

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Main Course Ideas

Roasting a whole chicken is honestly such a simple yet delicious main course idea for any holiday. I feel that other holidays are usually turkey or ham, so doing a chicken for easter might be a nice change. This one is nice because it’s flavored with orange and rosemary which probably will make the house smell AMAZING and it’s a nice change in flavors. Plus, the citrus notes add some spring/summer vibes to the palette.

Whether you’re a family who eats at noon or at 6 pm, there’s something for everyone. You can customize your easter menu to fit your ideal day/evening celebration.

These root vegetables au gratin look amazing. Also, I love that they’re all different colors! This is a unique and fun side dish to make for the main course, and I feel that the colors are very Easter-y. 

Ok, you can’t really go wrong with roasted baby potatoes. Super easy, and everyone frickin loves them. They also go with literally anything. Add these to your menu for one less thing to stress about. These are a guaranteed easy-to-make and everyone-will-love type of dish.

Easter Dessert Ideas

Okay, obviously carrot cake is an Easter brunch menu STAPLE. Super festive and so incredibly delicious. This looks perfect so you know it HAS to be absolutely delicious.

Super easy and super cute. Make chocolate-covered carrot strawberries by simply melting white chocolate and adding orange food coloring. These are another safe one. Easy to make, no stress, and who doesn’t love chocolate-covered strawberries.

My mother-in-law makes fruit pizza and there is something about it that is just literally so good I could legit eat the whole thing. This one is made with a cookie crust, and she usually makes hers with croissant dough, so you can do either. But this stuff is literally so dang good and it’s so bright and colorful and beautiful. Super cute idea to make it into an easter egg shape too!

This post was all about easter brunch menu ideas!

Delicious Easter Brunch Menu Ideas That Won’t Take All Day to Make

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