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My Daily Routine for Productivity and Wellness


I’ve learned over time that one of the most vital keys to achieving success, wellness, and overall happiness is through having a daily routine. It’s the days where I actually stick to my routine, where I feel the most productive, alert, and energized.

Here is the daily routine I’ve come down to, that works the best for me.

Daily Routine:

5:30 AM – 8:00 AM – Morning Routine

I try to wake up at 5:30 during the weekdays. On weekends, I usually sleep in a bit later, since we usually stay up later on the weekend nights. When I rise at 5:30, I rub an ice cube on my face (I read that models do this as it helps wake up the skin and shrink pores and wrinkles). Then I make my bed, put on my comfies (robe and slippers), and pour some coffee.

If I’m feeling it, I do a quick little stretch to loosen up. Even though it’s dark out at 5:30, I still open all the blinds so when the sun does rise, it gets bright inside asap.

I use my mornings to take care of myself and begin my day slowly and with grace. I like to journal, write down my gratitude, set my intentions for the day. I also use this time to read whatever book I’m in the middle of and enjoy it with my cup of coffee. I like to read at least 10 pages a day.

After reading, I open up my bible app (I really like Proverbs 31 app) or fill out a bible study (I love the ones from Daily Grace Co.). I also try to meditate for 5-10 minutes to get my mind right before my day.

Once I’m finished with these things, if we have time, Chris and I will sit out on our patio, hearing the birds chirp, enjoying our last few sips of coffee together before getting the day started.

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Exercise + Write

Once Chris leaves for work, I have this time to get what I need to get done as part of my daily routine. I set a personal goal for myself to do the two things I find myself having the most resistance to, before noon. Writing and exercising.

I made a promise to myself that I will be happy if I can get both of these important things done before noon every day.

So when he leaves, that’s my cue to begin writing. Once I’m finished writing a blog post or two, I get my exercise clothes on.

This is my dog, Fazo’s cue to get excited to go for a long walk with mama. I’ve been really enjoying long walks lately. Especially since it’s an opportunity to get out into nature and get some fresh air.

I’ve found that walking 3 miles a day takes about 1 hour. I like to throw on an audiobook and just walk for 3 miles straight. My dog loves it too as he loves being outdoors and on walks with his mama. This is great bonding for us, great exercise for the two of us, and I’m listening to more good knowledge and information while doing it. It’s been a really great and 5-in-one type of activity I’ve been loving. All in just one hour.

After our walk, I usually get upstairs and will do some squats or pushups or a quick ab workout. Then I shower and get ready for the day.

Once I’m showered, I like to make breakfast, and usually, by this time it’s already noon.

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12:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Home Stuff

Since I already have my most pressing tasks done for the day (exercising and writing) I use the time between noon and when Chris gets home to work on home stuff. This might include cleaning, paying bills, scheduling appointments, whatever needs to be done. Let’s be honest, there’s ALWAYS something.

Whatever it is, I try to get it done during this window of time.

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Catch up/Free Time

Once Chris gets home, he usually likes to watch soccer, so I like to sit with him and do something while watching. I might schedule social media posts for my blog, write my email newsletter, or work on my content plan. Whatever needs to be done or caught up on, I like to do during this window of time.

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5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Dinner

Around 5, I really try to close my laptop and be more present in my home. I use this time to prepare dinner and eat dinner with my family. I find dinner time to be very important in a home.

Eating meals together as a family, at a table, is something I really value. I feel that disconnecting from technology is important as well. In our home, we try to not have any phones at the dinner table. That way we can really be present and engage with each other with limited distractions.

I try to clean up while cooking dinner. For example, doing dishes while something is baking in the oven, etc. After dinner, we try to clean up as a team as it makes clean up so much easier and quicker.

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Rest + Unwind

Around 7, we are usually starting to rest and unwind for the day. We might sit out on the patio and enjoy a glass of wine, chatting about our days. Or we might go for an evening walk by the water with our dog. We’ve also been loving watching documentaries and some series such as Ted Lasso.

Whatever it is, we don’t work after 7:00 and we try not to discuss any heavy topics that will get our minds racing once we go to bed. Resting and unwinding is actually really important for a good night’s sleep and it can take up to two hours for your mind and body to really calm down and relax after a busy, hectic day.

Daily Routine Tips

As you may have noticed, the time blocking me thing really seems to work best for me, and it may for you too. Or it may not. Whatever your preference is, find what works for you and commit to this.

My daily routine is a pretty loose guide. Within each time block, as I am planning my days, I might add more specific tasks and to-dos during the allotted amount of time.

Either way though, for me, it helps to think “I have to finish my morning routine by 8:00 AM.” Or “I need to write and exercise before noon.” Having these mini-deadlines throughout the day really seems to work for me, because it’s loose and allows some freedom, without being under structured and chaotic.

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Reminder About Daily Routines

Something I’ve had to learn and continue to have to remind myself is that the daily routine is just a guide. Life will happen. 100% guarantee. Things will happen that will interrupt this perfectly planned-by-the-minute schedule you’ve created. That’s just part of being alive.

It’s important not to let life’s distractions and interruptions discourage you and make you feel like because one part of your routine got knocked off, you are failing or imperfect.

An example of this I can relate to is that Chris, being a soccer player, has a very all-over-the-place type of training/game schedule. Some days he’s out of town, sometimes he has training at night, sometimes in the morning. Some days he has night games, and some days they’re in the middle of the day.

Since I want to support him and be flexible with his schedule, I have to find ways to compromise and make it work, while not putting myself and my priorities on the back burner.

This might be true for you if you have kids, a large family, a demanding career, or your partner has a crazy work schedule too.

Whatever it is for you, planning ahead is going to be your best friend. On days when you have a commitment to attend during one of your time blocks, try adjusting your schedule accordingly so you can still get the stuff done just at a different time or even a different day.

Being open and flexible to change is going to save you a lot of stress, anxiety, and frustration. Remember that you are striving for progress, not perfection and as long as you are trying and intending to make it work, then you are doing a great job.

All in all, I hope me, sharing my daily routine with you, helps you give yourself some grace, while also motivating you to create and structure your days in a way that empowers and motivates you to be the best version of yourself.

My Daily Routine for Productivity and Wellness

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